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Mud Flaps

If you don’t see a photo below of a bike similar to the one you ride, that does not mean I don’t have the pattern for your bike’s fenders.  Please contact me for availability if you do not see a photo below of a bike similar to yours.




NO DRILLING OF YOUR FENDERS IS REQUIRED FOR MY MUD FLAPS.  Mud Flaps are held on with an amazing Hook and Loop System manufactured by Velcro USA.  It is some of the best Hook and Loop in the World.  I don’t know of any store where you can buy it.  It was originally designed for use by The Aviation and Aerospace Industry and is a “Special Order” item.  Velcro USA won’t even start up their machines to make this stuff for an order of less than 1,500 meters (about one mile) in length.  As you may guess, it’s fairly expensive but I special order it from a business acquaintance in Texas, who makes purchases for corporations working in The Aviation and Aerospace Industry.  A 100% Polyester Adhesive Backed Hook Strip is attached under the lower edge of the fender.  The Polyester Hook Strip is 100% Waterproof.  It won’t creep or shrink and its’ operating temperature is minus 45 degrees (-45) to plus 185 degrees (+185) Fahrenheit.  The Loop Strip is sewn onto the Mud Flap with heavy-duty Thread.  Opening and closing strength is rated at 500 openings.  A customer (a retired Mechanical Engineer) tested a set of my Mud Flaps on his heavily modified Indian Chief at Willow Springs Raceway and at speeds up to 135 miles per hour – they performed flawlessly.  I have customers (and myself) who have ran these Hook and Loop attached Mud Flaps on their bikes for over a hundred thousand miles.  I run them on the front of every bike I’ve owned for the last twenty years because they keep all the stuff thrown up by the front tire out of my engine compartment.  They will work great to keep stuff out of your radiator or oil cooler, if your bike has one.  Holding strength of this Hook and Loop is measured at 15.45 pounds per square inch, measured on a vertical shear and for example, an Indian Chief takes 31-inches of one-inch Velcro Hook around the inside bottom edge of the rear fender.  According to Velcro USA, that’s 478.95 pounds holding strength for a Mud Flap that only weighs about two-pounds.  Try them, you won’t regret them.


Mud Flaps can be ordered as a Set, or you can order just the Front or Rear Mud Flap for your bike.


Mud Flaps can be ordered with or without Chrome Plated Brass Studs/Spots, Medium weight Suede Leather Fringe (Maximum length 5”) and/or Polished Stainless Steel Concho with Bloodknot (you tell me how many and where on the Mud Flap).  Prices for these options varies by Make, Model and Year of each bike.  There are simply too many variables to list them all on this web site.  You are going to have to contact me if your bike or what you want is not shown below.

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