My Rear Fender Chaps (RFChaps) are crafted from very high-quality leather.  After six-months of research and intensive trial and error on my part, I finally found just the right thickness of leather and the right kind of leather to protect the exposed fenders of your Harley Davidson Freewheeler or your Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra.  I use leather because leather allows the RFChaps to breath, without trapping moisture underneath.   The 4-ounce leather has just the right amount of stretch and is thick enough to protect the face of your fender from just about anything you might get hit by out on the road.  Kicks from passenger boots, rocks thrown by cars and just about anything you’re ever going to encounter will bounce right off the face of your fender, without even causing so much as a scratch to its’ surface. Vinyl Car Bras heat up and stretch in the warm sun and then they start flapping and ruining your paint.  That won’t happen with my all leather RFChaps.  The leather RFChaps will be stretched tightly over the fender and then pre-stretched and pre-shrunk.  After they have been shrunk, they will stay tight regardless of the weather.  The attachment system is the same High-Tech Hook and Loop System I use for my Mud Flaps and Front Fender Bra.  It is some of the best Hook and Loop in the World.   I don’t know of any store where you can buy it.  In fact, it was originally designed for use by The Aviation and Aerospace Industry and is a “Special Order” item.  Velcro USA (the inventor) won’t even start up their machines to make this stuff for an order of less than 1,500 meters (about one mile) in length.  As you may guess, it’s fairly expensive but I special order it from a business acquaintance in Texas, who makes purchases for corporations working in The Aviation and Aerospace Industry.  A 100% Polyester Adhesive Backed Hook Strip is attached around the underside edge of the fender.  The Polyester Hook Strip is 100% Waterproof.  It won’t creep or shrink and its’ operating temperature is minus 45 degrees (-45) to plus 185 degrees (+185) Fahrenheit.  The Loop Strip is sewn around the edge of the FFBra with heavy-duty Thread.  Opening and closing will see no significant reduction in grip for the first 500 openings.  After the initial installation, the RFChaps can be quickly removed (takes about one minute).  Putting the RFChaps back on is just about as easy as removing them and takes only about five minutes.


RFChaps can be ordered only for the Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra and Freewheeler Trikes.


RFChaps can only be ordered in Plain, without Studs/Spots.


Sizes available are:

SMALL, covers to just above the first side cut-out and outside attachment strap (as counted up from the bottom front) and is priced at $160.00.

MEDIUM, covers to just above the first two side cut-outs and second outside attachment strap (as counted up from the bottom front) and is priced at $180.00.

LARGE, covers to just above the first three side cut-outs and third outside attachment strap (as counted up from the bottom front) shown in the below photos and is priced at $200.00. The White HD Freewheeler shown below has the Large Rear Fender Chaps installed.

EXTRA-LARGE, covers to just above the first four side cut-outs and fourth outside attachment strap (as counted up from the bottom front) shown in the below photos and is priced at $220.00. 

NOTE:  The Blue HD Freewheeler shown in the photos below has the EXTRA-LARGE set of Rear Fender Chaps installed

Rear Fender Chaps

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