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If you have a Concealed Carry Permit for a Handgun and find a Belt-Style Holster awkward and uncomfortable when riding, or you don't like your Handgun bouncing around loosely in your saddlebag, then check out these Rear Guard Bags. These large Rear Guard mounted bags have a built-in pistol holster and back-up magazine holster that has been designed to snugly, securely and firmly hold most large and small frame automatic pistols and double-stack magazines/clips. The original design was made for the Large Frame Glock .40 pistol with a back-up 15-Round Double-Stack Magazine, but it will accomodate virtually all similarly sized automatic pistols and their magazines. The pistol shown in the photo is a Model 1911 .45 pistol with a back-up single-stack magazine/clip. I designed everything to allow access when seated on the bike. Simply reach down with your left hand, flip back the lid, put your hand in the bad and your pistol will be right there, ready and in the same location every time. I'm 5'10" and can reach everything quickly, comfortably and easily while on the bike. Additionally, I designed the internal holsters (pistol and magazine) in such a way that neither the pistol nor the magazine can be bounced out of their holsters while travelling on rough roads. Your handgun will be comfortably secured and at your fingertips when needed. "SAFETY DISCLAIMER - IT IS INHERENTLY UNSAFE TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE ONE-HANDED, ESPECIALLY WHILE ACCESSING THE CONTENTS OF YOUR REAR GUARD BAGS WITH YOUR NON-THROTTLE HAND. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT."

Rear Guard Bags with Pistol

SKU: 364115376135191
  • The base price for the Rear Guard Bags without the built-in holster option is $299. The built-in holster optino increases the price to $399. Unless the customer specifically requests otherwise, the left bag will be modified and contain the built-in holster option.

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