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Rear Fender Bibs

If you don’t see a photo below of a bike similar to the one you ride, that does not mean I cannot make a Rear Fender Bib (RFBib) for your bike.  I can make a RFBib for virtually any bike.  The prices listed below are for a “Standard” design RFBib (Rounded Tail ending and in any size up to 5.5” wide or 20” long).  Different Tail endings are available upon request and generally at no additional cost.  RFBibs larger than “Standard” size (up to 5.5” wide or 20” long) can be ordered, but the Base Price will increase by $5.00 per inch for widths greater than 5.5” wide or lengths greater than 20” long.


IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A SIZE (Width and Length) WHEN YOU ORDER, I WILL MAKE THE SIZE MOST COMMONLY ORDERED BY OWNERS OF BIKES SIMILAR TO YOURS.  For example:  For most Harley Davidson Models, that is 5.5” wide and 17” long.  For Kawasaki Drifter Models, that is 5.25” wide and 20” long.


RFBIBS DO NOT GENERALLY COME WITH MOUNTING HOLES PUNCHED IN THEM.  THIS ALLOWS YOU TO POSITION THE RFBIB EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT IT.  If you don’t have a Hole Punch, the easiest way to punch a Mounting Hole is with a Drill.  Just make sure you Drill the hole in the right location!  The old saying “Measure once and cut twice, or measure twice and cut once” definitely applies here!




1.     The leather I use will be the exact same leather that I generally use for a Tank Bib or Whaletail Tank Guard and that is fairly heavy leather (generally a 9/10-ounce weight leather).  If you order a Matched Set (Tank Bib/Guard and RFBib), I always cut them from the same piece of leather and directly beside each other. That way they will be a perfect visual match.


2.     The compound curves over the fender from front-to-rear and side-to-side will dictate the overall width.  The leather I use is fairly heavy and is only going to stretch very little.  If you go too wide, even a thinner leather will never lay down tightly against the contours of your fender.  If you try to take the outside edges of the RFBib beyond the point where the outside slope (over the side of the fender) is greater than 10-degrees, you are going too wide.  If you go too wide, the leather will buckle along the edges and never lay down.  You can pick up another 2 or 3 degrees of slope (increase to around 12-degrees of slope) by ordering Side Lacing around your RFBib.  Side Lacing will lift the outside edges of the RFBib approximately ¼” (.25”), which will allow you a slightly greater width (maybe as much as ½”) but even with Side Lacing, if you go beyond about 12-degrees of slope, you’re too wide.


Base Price for a RFBib up to 5.5” wide or 20” long is $75.00.


All RFBibs can be ordered with Polished Stainless Steel Concho with Blood Knot, Chrome Plated Brass Studs/Spots and/or Leather Side Lacing.  These options can be ordered in any combination.  These options are priced as follows:


Concho with Bloodknot will add $10.00 to the base price.

    Chrome Plated Brass Spots/Studs will add $20.00 to the base price.

    Leather Side Lacing will add $35.00 to the base price.



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Tan & Burgundy

Black & Tan #RFB08

HD Street Bob

Victory Vegas: Arlen Ness

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