Saddlebag Lid Protection

If you’re tired of buffing out scratches on the top of your Harley Davidson Saddlebags, then it’s time you looked at my Saddlebag Lid Protectors.  If your passenger never seems to manage to swing their boot over the top of the saddlebag without hitting it, or you occasionally hit it after a long, exhausting day in the saddle, then it’s time you looked at my Saddlebag Lid Protectors.  Taking a trip on your bike and planning on strapping some extra gear across the back?  Then protect your saddlebag lids with a set of my Saddlebag Lid Protectors.  Already have damage to the lids that can’t be buffed out and you don’t want to spend $500.00(+) to have them sent away and repaired – cover them with my Saddlebag Lid Protectors for less than half that cost.  I’ve had a set of Saddlebag Lid Protectors on every HD Touring bike I’ve owned for the past 14-years (over 100,000 miles ridden) and my saddlebag lids always look as good as new.


My Saddlebag Lid Protectors can be quickly removed (less than one minute) for cleaning, or when you feel like riding the bike without them on.  They can be put back on almost as quickly (less than five minutes) for protection before you leave on that long road trip, or before taking that certain passenger for a ride who never seems to clear the bags with their boot. 


These Saddlebag Lid Protectors are only available for Harley Davidson Touring bikes with the stock/standard hard-side Harley Davidson Saddlebags.  They are available for all Years and Models of Harley Davidson Touring bikes.


Lid Protectors are made from beautiful 5-ounce Vegetable Tanned Leather, which is thin enough not to interfere with the operation of your Saddlebags but heavy enough to maintain their shape and fit at high speeds.  They fit very tightly on the saddlebag lid and over time, the leather will mold itself to the contours of the saddlebag lid at the front and back.  Felt lined on the back side to protect the surface of the saddlebag lid.




PLAIN SET (left and right covers) base price for Saddlebag Lid Protectors is $149.00.



  Add narrow gauge Premium Grade Leather Side Lacing (shown below) to all exposed edges for an additional $75.00.

  Add narrow gauge Premium Grade Leather Braiding (Double Braid Style shown below) to all exposed edges for an additional $150.00.


Side Lacing Option -  NOT Double Braiding Option