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If you can’t find what you have in mind for your bike anywhere else, I just may be the guy who can make it happen for you.  All custom orders will be negotiated with the customer and only after establishing precisely what and how you want your custom accessory made.  Then we can talk about the price.  If you can wait until the November thru January timeframe, when things really slow down because most of our bikes are “out of sight and out of mind” during the winter months, the negotiated price will be lower.  I will have more time to dedicate to your job during those three months.  If it’s the middle of Spring, Summer or Fall when everyone is still playing with their favorite hobby and I’m busy, busy, busy, then the negotiated price is probably going to be much higher.


How long it will take me to complete your custom order will depend on:

  •     What you want.

  •     The complexity of project you want me to make.

  •     Availability of suitable leather for your project.

  •     The time of year when you order your project.

  •     How quickly you want it.


The customer is not always right in this business.  I’ve been doing this a long time and if you insist on something that probably shouldn’t be done to your bike, or something that I think is going to look like crap on your bike, I feel an obligation to let you know.  You would not believe some of the projects/ideas customers have presented to me over the years.  A few turned out great but most of them are best described as “learning experiences”.  I don’t want your business bad enough to screw up your bike or my reputation.  Please keep in mind that just because it looks great in your imagination, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be great in reality.  The first thing I’m going to ask you when you contact me is “How long have you been thinking about this project?”  If it’s an idea that “just came over you” recently, I’m probably going to ask you to think about it a while longer and then get back with me.  I love motorcycles and I’m not going to help you turn your favorite ride into something that belongs in a circus.  Please, don’t get upset with me if I try to prevent you from doing something to your bike that I think you’re going to regret.  On the other hand, I would be proud to have something that I made just for you, proudly displayed on your favorite ride for years to come.

*To inquire about any of my custom products, please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Kawasaki 1600 Whaletail Tank Guard
Size Large. Contact for availability and price.
HD Touring Large Custom Two-tone
Console Mounted Pocket. Contact for availability and pricing.
Kawasaki 1700 Nomad
Custom Full Coverage Tank Bib. Contact for availability and pricing.
Kawasaki 750 Custom Tank Bib
Custom Pocket, Studs, Customized Concho and Side Lacing. Contact for availability and pricing.
HD Sportster Matching Set
Saddlebags, Mud Flaps and Rear Fender Bib. Contact for availability and pricing.
Large HD Saddlebags for 70's era FLH Sho
For 70's era FLH Shovelhead. Contact for availability and pricing.
HD Softail Saddlebags
Contact for availability and pricing.
HD Dyna WG Matching Set
HD Dyna WG Matching Set - Saddlebags, Windshield Bag, Tail Bag and Tank Bib. Contact for availability and pricing.
Finished Edge Option
Premium Leather Double Braid. Contact for availability and pricing.
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